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It wasn’t Lady Luck, it was ALL ME!

I was told that I was lucky to have birthed my son the way I did – without interventions, naturally and without the need for an epidural or episiotomy, let alone a tear. Hmmm…he still had to come out of me – small or not. I birthed him after 10 hours of active labour and felt great before, during and afterwards. I physiologically birthed my placenta and was able to breastfeed well (and we’re still at it!). Yet I have been told numerous times that I am lucky. What is it with positive birth stories being put down as ‘just’ luck?

Let me tell you, I worked hard to have the pregnancy and birth that I did. And let me tell you, expecting mama, you too can have a positive, empowered and absolutely mind-blowing experience AND want to do it all again! There are people and tools to help you, but first, you must help yourself and take back what’s rightfully yours – your birthing rights!


If you are prepared to OWN IT, and I mean OWN IT – your pregnancy, your body, your baby, your environment; who you choose to have at your birth (build that tribe, mama!); where you birth; who you speak to about your pregnancy and birth choices; what you eat (and don’t eat!); exercise or not; document and share your birth goals and preferences (and then have Plan B!); research and take prenatal classes (learn to hypnobirth with Hypnobirthing Australia™!) and apply, apply, apply what you have been taught (don’t settle for just the minimum knowledge); challenge the birthing status quo if it doesn’t sit well with you; prepare your mind and body in every possible way (so let stuff go and learn to love yourself – think oxytocin for the long haul!); learn to breathe for birth (yes, this is a thing and is the foundation of hypnobirthing); trust yourself (you got this, mama!); listen to your instincts; SHUT-OUT-THE-NOISE (find that bubble of your’s); ask the questions (my goodness, please ASK THE QUESTION! They say, “no question is a dumb question”, and I can assure you, when it comes to your body, your pregnancy and your birth, this rule is THE ONLY rule – ASK THE QUESTION, mama!); shop hard for your OB, your midwife, your doula, your hospital or birthing centre; spend more time and energy on your body, pregnancy and birth like you would on that dream car/house/holiday…whatever matters to you; and if you do, I doubt Lady Luck will have the guts to invade your birthing space!


You are the biggest and best advocate for yourself and your baby. Prepare for birth like it will be your biggest achievement – because it will be! And then you’ll be a mama with a positive birth story that will help change the world for the better…BE THAT CHANGE, prove to yourself that you’re not just lucky, mama!

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